Chess Set


Design and build your own chess set
Grades 3-6

Chess is one of the oldest games, and along with chess comes the art of building the playing pieces.  The roles of the pieces, their quantity and movement, and the epic battle of equal, opposing forces are great raw material to inspire the creative mind.  In this activity students continue the thousand-year-old tradition of designing chess pieces by building their own chess set.

Students should know the rules of chess.  The teacher may wish to make a list of all the game pieces and how they are usually represented.

Students start with a new scene in GollyGee Blocks.

They select the checkerboard texture from the Textures menu and place it on the ground.

Students build their chess pieces one by one. Students can use a selection from the Object menu for a piece or stack shapes and objects together for a more interesting piece. It may help to make a large version of each piece and then later shrink the piece to the proper size.

Once a piece is made, students can use the Copy tool to make duplicates.

Arrange the pieces in the appropriate starting position.

Save the scene and print it or take a snapshot.

The teacher should verify that the board is setup correctly.

Students should explain why they chose the objects for the pieces that they did.

Students choose a theme for their chess set, such as science fiction, farm pieces, or characters from a story.

Students set up their chess board in a chess puzzle.

Students play a game of chess, using the move tool to move pieces.

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