Just One Shape


Students see what they can build with just on shape
Grades K-6

This exercise challenges students' creativity by seeing what they can build with just one shape.

Assign a basic shape to each student (or let them choose), for example, pyramids or cubes.

The student builds a scene using only that shape.  They can place as many copies of that shape as they want but it is the only shape they can use.  They can also scale and stretch the shape any way they want to.

Have students share their scenes with each other.

None required.

Teachers should talk to the students about their scene.  Did something about the shape suggest the scene, or did they think of the scene first? Was their anything particularly good or bad about building with the shape?  Would a different shape have been easier?

Come up with a list of possible scenes to build and assign the student the scene with the shape.
   * Build a face
   * Build a robot
   * Build a vehicle
   * Build a sculpture

Try to build the same scene with a different shape.

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