Trip Picture


Develop a 3D scene that describes a trip or vacation you took.
Grades K-6

We all have trip experiences that we are excited about telling to our friends and neighbors.  This activity asks the student to recall a recent vacation place, event, or activity that can be shared with others.

Teacher should review writing sentences and paragraphs before the activity begins.

Students begin the activity in a class discussion on favorite vacation activities.

Students each make a scene of a specific activity using GollyGee Blocks and print it out.

On the printout, students write a sentence(s) or a structured paragraph about the trip picture.

Evaluation can be based on a class presentation of picture, individualized observations, or assessment of journal entries/writing.

Discuss why the child chose the particular picture and why he/she thought it was significant.

Students make a panoramic trip display of various students' pictures.

Compile different student scenes based on a trip to the same place/activity.  Compare
the differences in observations with the children or alternately write about the differences.

Before major holidays, have children make a scene of a something they might be doing while on
a planned trip.  Repeat the activity after the holiday and compare perceptions to what they actually saw.  Discuss expectations and how things actually were.

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