Construct a 3D scene that portrays an important environmental issue
Grades K-6

We live in a world that is rich in natural resources and beauty.  Preserving these qualities is our responsibility.  Deforestation, for example, can turn rich forested land into arid deserts over time if replanting is not done.  Littering along highways and in our neighborhoods creates unsightly views and can be dangerous.  This activity encourages the student to construct a 3D scene that visually portrays an environmental issue that is relevant in the student's local area or in conjunction with units on the environment in general.

Gather pictures and material that illustrate various environmental issues and discuss these issues.  Students should be encouraged to use recycled paper to print the scenes on.

The student will be assigned a task to find an environmental issue and find articles/pictures that describe it, possibly from local newspapers or magazines.

Students construct a 3D scene that relates the issue.  Journal entries and/or class discussion can be done on the issue.

The teacher may want to find a place to display the pictures or prepare a compilation of pictures for use in an environmental unit.

Teacher may review the on-screen model development or use the printout for assessment.

Discussion and questioning should focus on why the student has chosen the environmental issue.  Questions such as What can a single person, or a class of students do about this issue? should be encouraged.

Evaluate a written description of the activity scene.

Have students collectively chose an environmental issue theme and create a series of scenes that covers the problem and possible solutions.

Use the 3D scenes as a basis for writing to environmental groups that are engaged in solving these kind of issues.

Prepare BEFORE and AFTER scenes to demonstrate the problems that come with neglect.

To display a felled tree, select the Objects tool and drag a tree into the scene.  Use the Tilt tool to lay the tree down on its side.  From the Shapes menu chose a cylinder and place next to the felled tree.  Scale the cylinder to roughly match that of the tree diameter.

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