Build a scene that depicts environmental problems with waste and pose solutions
Grades K-6

One of our biggest problems in a modern industrial society is the disposal of waste materials.  We create waste from liquid and solid materials, some of them hazardous to human health.  A number of methods have been devised to deal with these waste products including landfill, incineration, recycling, and long-term solutions.

The teacher should  review different environmental problems caused by disposal of waste products before beginning this activity.

Students will pick a problem they would like to investigate and build a 3D scene depicting the problem and a possible solution.  This could be done in two separate scenes.

Students will print out the scenes and write a journal entry describing the scene.

The teacher can assess written journal entries and scenes.

Students can be evaluated on understanding from an assigned oral report given to the class.

Students can make a recycling booklet composed of various ideas to combat pollution.

A field trip to a landfill, sewage plant, or other recycling site is encouraged.

Students make a 3D scene on their impressions or make a model of the site.

Posters, depicting recycling efforts, can be developed and posted in the school.

Students can actively take up a class effort to address a recycling problem.

Use basic shapes to build recycling site models.  The water texture can be used to depict groundwater by using the Lift tool.

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