Build a scene showing ideas for producing energy
Grades 4 - 6

One of our biggest challenges today is developing energy sources that are easy to implement, do not pollute our environment, and can replace older sources without creating major problems for the consumer.  Some better known energy sources include nuclear reactions, water, fossil fuel, gases, geothermal, solar, wind, and fuel cells.  This activity will investigate different ideas on how to transform these energy sources to useful power.

Pictures of various energy producing sources are recommended.  Simple block diagrams of the basic energy source processes can also be produced to use as overheads for the class discussions.

The teacher should review the different energy sources: how they come about, some of the ways we get power from them, and what problems they bring about.

Students will pick an energy source and build a 3D scene that illustrates their approach to implementing power from that source.

Students will print out the scenes and write a journal entry describing their energy production idea.

The teacher can assess written journal entries and scene.

Students can be evaluated on understanding from an assigned oral report given to the class.

Students can make an energy production booklet composed from scenes using various energy sources or the class can consolidate their ideas into a class book.

Take a field trip to an energy production facility (Hydroelectric dam, steam power plan, windmill field). Make a 3D scene on their impressions or make a model of the site.

Develop posters, depicting energy usage and production problems for display on school bulletin boards.

Try an experiment using solar cells or chemical reaction to produce power.


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