Students make a scene with their name in 3D letters
Grades K-1

Who doesn't like to see their name in print?  In this activity, students will use the 3D text tool to make a scene with their name in it and then decorate it.  This is good practice for students learning to spell their names and to find keys on the keyboard.

No special materials required.

*  Have students start with a new scene.
*  Click on the Shapes button to select the Shapes menu.
*  Click on the ABC button to activate the 3D text tool.
*  Students can move the mouse into the scene and begin typing their name.  They should speak the letters in their name as they find them on the keyboard.  They should try to spell their name from memory.
*  Students should use the shift and/or caps lock keys to make sure their name is capitalized appropriately.
*  While typing their name in, the student can use the arrow keys to turn and change the size of the 3D text.
*  The student should use the mouse to position the name where they want it and click the mouse button to place it.
*  Students should then use the colors and textures to fill in the letters on their name and set the appearance of the ground plate and background.
*  Optionally, let students place shapes and objects in the scene to further decorate it after they have typed their name in.
*  Save the scene if desired.
*  Print the scene.

The teacher should have students point and speak each letter in their name on the screen or using the printout.

Students should share why they chose the colors and textures that they used to decorate with.

Use the signs as labels for notebooks, desks, coat pegs, or other things.

Near the beginning of the year, use this as an exercise to help learn students' names.  Collect the printed scenes and gather in a circle.  Hold up a name scene and see if everybody knows who the person is.  Once people know who it is, have that person describe the decoration of their name scene.

Having the students type in a filename if they save their file will reinforce what they have just learned (how to type their names).

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