Use GollyGee Blocks objects to teach and reinforce alphabet sounds
One session, approximately one hour

Teaching consonant sounds at the beginning of words is one way to help young children learn to associate specific letters with specific phonetic sounds. Thus, a child
learns that sss is the beginning sound of soft and that the
sss sound is made by the letter {\em s}. Both hearing the sound
(auditory learning) and seeing the associated letter of the
alphabet (visual learning) can reinforce this process. Presenting
the same beginning sound in association with a variety of
different words can help the student to generalize this learning.

Some students may like to have paper and pencil available. Supplementary materials may include alphabet books or Montessori-type movable alphabet letters that can be manipulated.

*  The teacher reviews simple consonant sounds, providing examples of words that begin with each of the sounds. The words should be written out, so that students make the association between the phonetic sound and the letter.
*  Students may be asked to think of words that begin with some of the sounds/letters presented by the teacher.
*  Students use the Blocks to illustrate beginning sounds of simple words. Students should select an object from the Objects menu. Then, they should use the Alphabet tool from the Shapes menu to label the beginning sound (e.g., the stop sign should be labelled with an {\em s}). Students may notice that the full word for each object will appear at the bottom of the screen during the initial selection.

*  Students are evaluated on their correct labelling of the objects.
*  Students should be able to identify and say aloud the beginning sound of each word and to name the corresponding letter.
*  Students may also be asked to use the Alphabet tool to write the full name of each selected object.

*  Students experiment with simple rhyming by changing only the first letter of some of the Blocks objects. For example, if the first letter of the object car is changed, a variety of rhyming words can be formed, including bar, far, tar, etc. Blocks objects for which easy rhymes can be made by changing the first letter include cow, dish, car, gear, tire, wing, cat, and dog.
*  Students are instructed to complete the outlined alphabet activity (above) but to label the ending sound of the objects. This task is somewhat more sophisticated and should probably be limited to the simpler words for the younger students (i.e., bird, robot, car, princess, knight, stop, truck, flatbed, cat, dog, rocket).
*  The teacher provides the letter of the alphabet, and the students are instructed to use the Blocks objects to find every word beginning with that particular letter. Please note that the full name of each object will appear at the bottom of the screen when selected. The following is a breakdown by letter:

List of current objects:
*  alien, arch
*  bird, biplane
*  cow, car, cat, crane, castle gate, castle wall, chicken leg
*  dog, dish
*  flatbed truck, fence, farm girl, four arches
*  gear, Gothic column
*  horse
*  knight (a confusing one!)
*  lunar
*  mini radar
*  princess
*  robot, rocket
*  stop sign, simple column, shark fin
*  truck, tree, traffic cone, tire, tower, twist column
*  wing

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